…because JAMS provides the most comprehensive Rx supply solution available in today’s most demanding industry. We meet and exceed the challenge for our business partners.

Quality Assurance
Our emphasis on quality is evident in every aspect of our business and is demonstrated at every stage of our order and distribution process. Our clients consider us their #1 source for quality Rx products providing fast and accurate delivery of complex orders and hard to find pharmaceuticals. Our traceability documentation, regular detailed inspections and our dedicated compliance team give our clients the confidence they need in our abilities to protect the product supply chain. JAMS personal customer service means you will always talk to a real person not an auto-attendant if you need support with your order. JAMS is committed to maintaining full compliance with all regulations. Therefore, we provide our customers with access to complete traceability documentation (T3: transaction information, transaction history and transaction statement) for all products shipped. We comply with all licensure and other reporting requirements. To ensure the integrity of the products we distribute, JAMS is committed to implementing industry leading protocol for secure ordering and distribution. At JAMS we adhere to, understand and keep current on all DSCSA requirements.

JAMS Office